AmeriHealth Broker Briefs
AmeriHealth Broker Briefs

AmeriHealth New Jersey migrates new group portal users to original portal

AmeriHealth New Jersey has migrated all current group portal users who have moved to the new version of back to the original version of the portal. This occurred over the weekend starting October 29, 2010.


We’ve made this change based on your feedback. We understand that you and your customers need an easy way to enter your enrollment transactions, and we heard your concerns that the new group portal was not meeting this need. The original portal provides the streamlined enrollment experience you requested. At the same time, the migration allows us to reduce administrative costs and address changes in the health care industry as a result of healthcare reform.


Please note that this change has no impact on the member portal or the EDI portal.


What has changed?

  • All customers who were using the new version of the tool have migrated back to the original AmeriHealth group portal site as of Monday, November 1, 2010.
  • Group portal users will not have access to the Print Temporary ID Card tool until the first quarter of 2011. However, members can register for the member portal and print temporary ID cards once they are active in AmeriHealth’s enrollment system.
  • Reporting capabilities will be limited to transaction and enrollment data. Census reports will not be available. If you or your customer cannot find a specific report, you should contact your AmeriHealth account executive.


What has not changed?

  • Customers who were not migrated to the new portal will not be affected.
  • Users get access to the website in the same way – by going to, ROAM, or EDI portal.
  • Users login with the same user ID and password.
  • Users have access to the reporting methods under the Group Reporting link on the left navigation pane. These reports are transaction- and enrollment-specific only.
  • The system records all transactions received in the Transaction History. The user is able to obtain the history of a transaction by using the Current Transaction History or Transaction History Archive under the Group Reporting link on the left.


Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Should you or your customer have any questions about the group portal conversion, please contact your AmeriHealth account executive.