AmeriHealth Broker Briefs
AmeriHealth Broker Briefs

Information regarding flu vaccine coverage

Flu season is here, and one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is to get vaccinated.


This year, there is only one flu vaccine, which combines H1N1 with the other subtypes. Immunizations against the seasonal flu can be administered with the traditional flu shot or with FluMistTM – an FDA-approved intranasal influenza vaccine. To be fully protected, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage people to receive the vaccination.


AmeriHealth Commercial and Medicare managed care members may obtain covered influenza vaccines from:


  • a participating PCP or specialist (no referral required for HMO/POS);
  • POS/PPO members may also obtain the flu vaccination through their self-referred/out-of-network benefit;
  • CMM/Traditional members may obtain a flu vaccine from a physician in accordance with the age limits on coverage for routine immunization benefits.


For more information regarding flu vaccine coverage, contact your AmeriHealth broker representative.